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STOV Advisory Services LLC

•  What does the IPO process encompass?   What is most important when choosing a lead investment bank?  How should I think about equity research coverage?
•  Who are the investors that would be most interested in my company?  What would be their major concerns about investing in my company?  Would my business model even make sense in the public market?
•  Who would be most interested in buying my company?  How do I distinguish between strategic and financial buyers?
•  How should I think about having a joint venture partner?  Should the relationship be project-based or entity-based?
 How do I know what my company is worth?

In today’s market, it is critical to have a thorough understanding of the varied options available as you structure your capital stack.  Through our relationship network of institutional public and private investors, family offices, public and private company executives, lenders, and investment banks, we can help you consider and narrow the alternatives best suited for your company’s growth needs.  And because we are not underwriters, we can offer you a completely objective view.  Here are just a few challenges we can help you navigate:

IPO vs Sale vs Joint Venture

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