•  Do I understand  the limitations on what can and cannot be stated in a deal-related presentation?
 Are the underwriters putting me in front of relevant potential investors?  Or am I wasting time, for example, pitching my small-cap growth story to large-cap income investors?

Crisis Communication

Investor Relations

Non-Deal Roadshows

​STOV Advisory Services LLC

Deal-Related Roadshows

•  How do I create a media plan ahead of a crisis?
•  Have I identified the spectrum of appropriate responses relative to the critical level of any incident?
 How should I adjust my messaging to be appropriate to a variety of stakeholders (employees, lenders, community activists, etc., in addition to my investors)?

You may be the best company that has ever done what you do.  But if you are not communicating that to your investor base with clarity, consistency, and confidence, your company is likely suffering a valuation discount.

Let us help you craft and deliver your messaging to the audience that most needs to hear it.

STOV Advisory Services LLC

•  Am I hearing and absorbing what my investors are telling me?
•  What do my existing investors not understand about my company’s story?
•  How do I identify potential new investors?
•  How does my company’s performance metrics compare to my peer group?