​STOV Advisory Services LLC

STOV Advisory Services LLC

We seek to become:

operating Values

•  putting your interests ahead of our own
•  treating all constituents with respect and tolerance
•  fostering and valuing diversity of thought and perspective
•  conducting our business with the highest ethical standards
•  maintaining strict confidentiality

•  we don’t have all the answers
•  the difference between leadership and management
•  change is uncomfortable

•  the opportunity for mutual success
•  exhibiting a habit of excellence in all we do
•  embracing multiculturalism

We are committed to:

•  your strategic thought partner
•  your trusted confidante
•  your external ambassador

We acknowledge:

We are driven by:

We pledge to be:

•  keen listeners
•  respectful of your time and responsive to your inquiries
•  sensitive to the needs of you and your staff
•  candid and direct in our feedback